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Join us in our ecosystem to unlock the potentials of the KompiTech Blockchain Platform leveraging valuable new relationships and channels, new business opportunities, business and strategic guidance, technical mentor-ship and resources, marketing support and a range of other opportunities.

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We are changing the way IT services are delivered to customers and are looking for the right partners to join us. Our solution is bringing a new innovative technology to customers leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

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Partner Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the Partner Ecosystem in addition to the new business opportunities you will gain to grow your business. Partners will be able to install the KompiTech BLITS blockchain ITSM application suite and use for free. KompiTech BLITS is a powerful ITSM solution built on Blockchain technology that helps any IT service provider to easily automate processes for delivering IT services ranging from small to large enterprises.

Platform Free

KompiTech BLITS Blockchain ITSM Application Suite

KompiTech Manblock Blockchain Platform

KompiTech BLITS Platform

Other Benefits

New Customer Opportunities for your supported locations

Refer a customer outside your support locations and receive a referral fee

Access to marketing tools and resources