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Supply Chain Management Solutions

Powered by Blockchain
and Smart Contract Technology

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Healthcare Customer Consignment Inventory

Supply Chain Management Solution for Medical Devices Provider, Hospital and Clinic that provides a standardized and coherent process that integrates with existing systems and processes seamlessly. Each party accessing a distributed ledger powered by blockchain and smart contract technology.

IT Service Management Platform

An ecosystem of IT Service Providers globally delivering IT Services by interacting with a distributed ledger powered by blockchain and smart contract technology.

Empowering Service Desk team with blockchain and smart contract technology for Incident, Problem, Request, Service Level, Knowledge Management and many more.

Contract Management

with Smart Contract

Once terms of good or services has been agreed, the terms are coded into lines of code as smart contract, it remains securely stored and hard to repudiate in the blockchain network. It provides transparent and immutable records of the contract, all in one place.

Smart Invoice

with Blockchain

By applying blockchain technology, KompiTech ensure a distributed, immutable and highly efficient ledger eliminating errors. Smart Invoice includes automated invoicing, status tracking and automatic cost calculations. Invoices are not raised until any disputes has been resolved. Payments are made as stipulated in the Blockchain Smart Contract.

Resource Management and Planing

with Blockchain

We have been able to utilize blockchain to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done in the real world. Our algorithms uses the distributed ledger as a source of truth that can be relied on for quality service delivery to customers globally.

Assets Management

with Blockchain

Rather than manual assets documentation, the Instant Documentation feature enables you to automatically generate whole information about each component of your products or services. Documentation can be regenerated daily and stored in the blockchain registry. Our solution provides integration with any existing legacy Asset Management system.