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KompiTech BLiTS

Blockchain ITSM Solution

KompiTech BLiTS comes with powerful IT process automation tools for delivering services to organizations of all sizes.

An interactive and intuitive dashboard utilizing our cutting-edge IT Solutions with immutable data history which helps ease your business operations and reduce costs of managing your IT support department.


BLiTS Blockchain Application Suite & Features

Scalable ITSM applications, leveraging blockchain technology for managing small to large enterprise IT services.

Incident Management

CMDB & Assets Management

Automated Audit & Reporting

Smart Contract

Knowledge Management

Change and Release Management

Problem Management

Request Management

Immutable Data Records

Blockchain Platform Interoperability

Automated Geo-tracking

Automated SLA Management & Tracking

Automated Billing

Incentives Mechanisms

Distributed Data Management

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate the ITSM system of your choice with our easy to implement solutions.
KompiTech BLiTS provides an extra security layer to ensure data integrity of your IT assets and agreements.

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KompiTech Blockchain for Business

Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

KompiTech Manblock

Enterprise blockchain lifecycle management

Fast, scalable and highly available blockchain technology platform. Build blockchain application, deploy and scale as you grow.

Build a Faster Blockchain Application

Build it yourself or we’ll help you get started leveraging our years of expertise and tools

Upload and Install

Once ready, easily upload your blockchain application and get it running with just a single click.

Automated Application Deployment and Scaling

Automated scaling and deployment which helps your business scale as it grows

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Supported Blockchain Frameworks

The currently supported framework is Hyperledger Fabric with support for Sawtooth coming soon.

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KompiTech is transforming businesses using KompiTech Blockchain Platform to track the lifecycle of ITSM with a global ecosystem of IT customers and suppliers