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KompiTech Blockchain

Section 01

Private Blockchain as a Service

Guided Support

We are interested in making sure that your blockchain application is a valuable addition to the market. Therefore, we not only provide you with our platform but will also guide you from the idea to the production stage. We offer a comprehensive range of services including consulting, support, training and much more to help you build your blockchain application from scratch, or to extend an existing application with blockchain integration.

User Intuitive

Control your blockchain resources and networks with easy-to-use dashboards and a topology graph that automatically visualizes all resources connected to your networks such as organizations, peers and orderers. Utilize step-by-step guided documentation, samples and tutorials to start your blockchain development quickly and efficiently.

Fully Managed

With Managed Blockchain, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own blockchain infrastructure, versions, tweaking configurations and more. The KompiTech Blockchain Platform will manage the Hyperledger fabric infrastructure and networks for you, and always with the latest upstream version available.

Section 02


Globally Distributed and Scalable

Provision your blockchain infrastructure across all available regions around the world with no limitations. You can scale as you grow.

No Vendor Lock-In

Eliminate locking yourself to a single blockchain platform by connecting your external peers running outside of the KompiTech Blockchain Platform, as well as by joining external partners to your channels.

Decentralized Permissioned Network

Establish transparent, fraudless, auditable channels between identified users. Share and decentralize information between desired parties and let each member verify the same set of data on their end.

Section 03

Manage Blockchain Lifecycle

Provision Blockchain Resources

Provision your blockchain resources, peers, orderers, certificates and more.

Control Versions and Feature Sets

The ability to upgrade or downgrade your blockchain resources with zero downtime.

Monitor Utilization

Transparent monitoring of peers, orderers, networks, transactions, ledgers and more. 

Section 04

Operate Trusted Networks

Establish Reliable Trusts

Create your blockchain networks, join peers and run your smart contracts. It will enable you to share valuable data in a secure, tamperproof way even between untrusted members.

Join Partners

Automate the process of adding partners from any geographical area to your networks. It enables you to invite, accept and reject other members. It also enables you to share and handle the signatures necessary to update your channel.

Update Existing Trusts

Display the current channel configuration in a human-readable format and update it as necessary according to the consortium’s needs.

Section 05

Smart Contract Automation

Create Smart Contracts

Smart contracts define and automate your business logic through blockchain transactions and utilize events to trigger desired actions. You can decide which data will be shared in the blockchain network and which data will be kept secret in private data.

Manage Smart Contracts

Have control over versioning of your smart contracts (chaincode). It is supported to upload, install, instantiate, and upgrade your chaincodes.

Define Endorsement Policies

Define an endorsement policy specifying the number of required signatures and specific organizations whose endorsements are required.

Section 06

Blockchain Application Development

Dynamic Provisioning

Enables applications to create peers, orderers, channels and manipulate chaincodes programmatically through client SDK calls.

Application Access

Applications can easily interact with the blockchain by utilizing any of the supported Hyperledger Fabric SDK clients written in Go, Node.js or Java.

Production-ready platform

Leverage your production-ready blockchain infrastructure to prototype, test, release and run your application. You can also extend existing apps with blockchain.

Section 07

PKI Management


Your blockchain runs in guarded data centers totally isolated from other blockchain workloads.  In addition, no KompiTech user or administrator has access to your blockchain networks. Only users from your organization are allowed to interact with them.

Identity as a Service

Provides you with a CA certificate service and identity management infrastructure which enables you to easily manage your cryptographic material needed to run your blockchain infrastructure and submit transactions.

Manage Your Own Keys

Be able to leverage your own public-private key infrastructure. You can import your CA/user certificates or issue your own signing keys with the ability to store and manage them securely on your side.

Section 08


Join External Organizations

Join your partners running Hyperledger Fabric on different blockchain platforms or on-premise to your blockchain network or vice versa.

Connect External Peers

Connect your Hyperledger Fabric peers running on different blockchain platforms or on-premise to your blockchain network or vice versa.

On-premise Deployment

Extend your ledger to an on-premise blockchain solution. Run your peers in the KompiTech Blockchain Platform and on-premise simultaneously.

Section 09

SSO Integration

Productive SSO Access

Single sign-on increases productivity and user adoption enabling you to control the security access aspects on your side.

Utilizing Your Google Account

No need to register and remember extra login details. Simply use your Google account to get started.

Using Microsoft Active Directory

Use your existing Active Directory authorization to log in to the KompiTech Blockchain Platform.

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