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KompiTech Blockchain

Section 01

Blockchain Product Idea Stage

The start of it all. More than simply having an idea, here you’ll be laying the groundwork for things to come. You have an idea for a blockchain solution, we have years of experience with blockchain implementation. At this stage, your plans won’t be set in stone, but starting smart will put you in the best possible position to make your product successful. Blockchain is a very broad domain similar to the Cloud or the Internet, therefore our goal is to explore a blockchain value proposition and answer the question of whether or not blockchain suits your needs. We help you to define use cases and select the right path to succeed in the global market.

  • Ensure we understand the problem
  • We explore the blockchain value proposition
  • Answer if blockchain is right for you
  • Define blockchain use cases and clear goals

Section 02

Prototype Stage

The Prototype or Validation stage is important to complete right from the start, and you should definitely do it before making a big investment into blockchain development. Having a prototype is a great way to validate because it puts your ideas into the realm of the usable, making feedback easier for all sides. It helps to show the value of the use case to your key stakeholders and answers all unclear technical questions. We can help you shape your idea into the prototype stage in several weeks, without building or hiring blockchain experts. Prototyping is a valuable exercise that allows us to visualize how your product will function.

  • Blockchain project and architectural planning
  • Define the overall agenda and objectives
  • Designing solution architecture
  • Quickly build and test a prototype

Section 03

Proof Of Concept Stage

A Proof of Concept (POC) is a small exercise to test a design idea or assumption. The main purpose of developing a POC is to demonstrate functionality and to verify a certain concept or theory that can be achieved in development. At this stage, our goal is to verify the concept with selected customers. We can provide a team that will help to define objectives for a POC and efficiently build it. We have experience with customer blockchain workshops and training.

  • Workshop with the customer to refine overall objectives
  • Identify other technology and integration requirements
  • Transform ideas into a testable blockchain app
  • Build, test and deliver a POC

Section 04

MVP Stage

Minimum Viable Product is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers. It is now time to assemble a team, find a workspace, and design your system architecture. By the end of this stage, you’ll have a released product that is ready to sell. This is the most difficult stage as it requires a development team to be assembled with the right mindset, and which is oriented towards certain defined goals. Hiring blockchain developers is a complicated and slow process which can sometimes delay the MVP stage by months. KompiTech has already built several successful distributed ledger-based applications, and has created a well-defined service package that allows you to outsource the MVP stage, save costs and speed up the market delivery process.

  • Review data from Stage 3
  • Provide complete solution development
  • Build, test and deliver an MVP product
  • Provide product documentation, customer training, and user guides
  • Delivery and launching of your blockchain solution

Section 05

Scaling stage

You’ve done something right so far. Now grow, expand on the market, and prosper. It has 2 aspects - scaling business and scaling technology. At this stage, we mainly focus on the technology side of things. This requires the knowledge and experience of working with operation blockchain infrastructure and chaincodes. Blockchain is a new market and experienced SRE experts are in short supply. KompiTech transforms all of its SRE know-how around distributed ledger into its Kompitech Blockchain Platform, which is based on key concepts of operator first and zero trust (high security).

KompiTech provides:

  • KTP LabCare --> 8x5 Support Mo. - Fr. Working hours support
  • KTP ProdCare --> 24x7 Support
  • KTP OpsCare --> Full Managed Services

From ideas to blockchain