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KompiTech Blockchain

Perfectly scalable. Pay only for what you need.

KTP OpsCare
KTP ProdCare
KTP LabCare
Subscription Support yes yes yes
Remote Incident Resolution yes yes yes
Product & Security Bulletins yes yes yes
Knowledge Base yes yes yes
Advanced Features
Enhanced SLA yes yes no
Customer Success Manager (CSM) yes yes no
Monitoring & Proactive Incident Management yes no no
Remote Operations & Lifecycle Management yes no no
Proactive Cloud Maintenance & Capacity Planning yes no no
Monthly Reporting & Quarterly Business Reviews yes no no
Customer Advocacy and Roadmap Planning yes no no
KTP OpsCare KTP ProdCare KTP LabCare
Minimum Term 1 year 1 year 1 year
Hours of Direct Support 24 x 7 24 x 7 9am - 5pm
Access Phone, web, email
Severity 1 Response 15 minutes 1 hour 4 business hours
Severity 2 Response 1 hour 2 hours 8 business hours
Severity 3 Response 4 business hours 4 business hours 24 business hours
Severity 4 Response 8 business hours 8 business hours 48 business hours

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